Stuff to Know

This is both an exciting and busy time of year for you and your senior!

Safe Grad Night is a tradition that provides an all-night, alcohol/drug-free graduation celebration for the senior class. The event gives the seniors a chance to extend their graduation day with a night of fun, entertainment, activities, and food in a safe environment.  It gives parents peace of mind, knowing their children are enjoying themselves and are safe.

** Things to know about this event**

  • The event runs from 11PM on Sunday to 5AM on Monday, the night of OAHS Graduation, August 1st, 2020
  • Students must show their OAHS ID to enter the event.
  • Tickets are $30 and must be purchased in advance.
  • A signed privilege form will be needed to purchase tickets. The form is available in the OA Main Office or you can download it: 2020 Safe Grad Night Privilege Form
  • UPDATE:    Tickets  – the process of selling tickets will be determined once plans have been finalized.
  • Senior Parents are welcome to volunteer!  Maybe your graduate does not what you to volunteer during the event, there is always set up before the event or cleaning up after the event; as well as projects prior to the event.  See “How I can help.”
  • There will be a police presence at the admission door as well as throughout the event. Any student with a reasonable basis for suspected alcohol or drug use may be subject to take a breathalyzer test.      (Test failure, or refusal to take the test, will result in exclusion from the event and parents being called to pick up their senior)
  • The event is meant as a LOCK-IN.  Parents will be telephoned if any student wishes to leave before 3AM.  No one will be allowed to leave after 3AM.
  • Marked bags (donated by Bank of Easton)  will be in a secured-safe location during the event for the students to place any clothing, handbags, keys or any personal items.

If you have any questions and/or concerns regarding the event or would like to lend a hand in making the event a success, contact  the SGN Committee: Deb Goveia – Pam Carroll –  Allie Goveia – Jen McFarland – Paula Holmberg – Adrienne Evin – Stephanie Blass –  Bonnie Rivers at